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The Cleaning Guy was formed in 2007 in Springfield, Illinois with a simple philosophy: "give the lady what she wants...". Since that time we have expanded our reach with offices located in Jacksonville and Bloomington, Illinois. We still consider ourselves to be a small locally owned and managed cleaning company. Many times you will encounter the owners and managers performing work on cleaning projects. We enjoy that level of service and customer contact. Because every house, every client and every situation is different we felt it would be not only arrogant but also irresponsible to attempt to create a program and force clients into it. Instead we develop a custom cleaning regiment around what you want and what you need.

Our schedules are flexible to accommodate your hectic lifestyle, not our openings. We use products in you home which are familiar to you and if you would like environmental friendly products use we can certainly accommodate that also. Bottom line... you tell us how to make you happy. Chances are pretty darn good that we can work with you. In 2010 we were introduced to Cleaning for a Reason, an organization which provides free house cleaning to women undergoing treatment for cancer. This organization allows us to give back to the communities which have allowed us to experience wonderful growth over the years. We are a proud member of their community and if you need information about their services call us or follow this link.

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