Residential Cleaning: Flexible Schedules, Quality Work

Your home is unique. Our services are customized to fit your home, your lifestyle and your schedule. We are not a franchise required to follow set protocols to clean your home. We are an independent company with the flexibility to fit our services into your specific needs.

The most frequent questions we receive are "how much does it cost?" and "what do you do in my house?" The answer to the first question (cost) is both simple and complex: often times clients are a bit surprised at the affordability of our services. Also we will need to discuss what your specific needs are prior to providing an accurate cost. We can usually get pretty close to an actual cost without seeing your home, but the best way to get a cost is to request an actual quote.

The second question is answered the same way - we do what you want us to do. Although it is pretty simple to say "I want my house cleaned," that phrase means different things to different people. For us to make you happy we need to learn what it means to you.