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Marilyn R.

I personally know the owner of The Cleaning Guy, and have had the opportunity to hear his goals, dedication, & passion about his business over the past year. He strives to provide the BEST cleaning service & customer satisfaction as possible, using the most environmentally friendly products. He attends seminars specific to his business, which keeps him knowledgeable with leading-edge information, products, and techniques. Any business, residential, or landlord should be talking with The Cleaning Guy. Give him a call!

Marilyn R.

Happy Customers

I love the girls and Jeff. They are very thorough, prompt, and polite. They do a wonderful job. They've come out for an emergency clean up in no time. I would highly recommend the Cleaning Guy to anyone!

Chelsea B.

Jeff has a fun personality with a passion for cleaning and getting the job done. I'm always amazed at the types and sizes of jobs that he will tackle, as if there is no limit to what he and his crew will do. If you need something really clean or cleaned out, give Jeff and his crew a call. You'll be amazed at what they will do for you.

Allen C.

The Cleaning Guy showed up on time and cleaned my house completely following our moving out of the house. They cleaned the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen, all the floors and baseboards. This really helped my wife and I move out of our house. We were so tired after moving the belongings, that it was a no-brainer to hire The Cleaning Guy.

Patrick B.

My family used The Cleaning Guy in our home for over two years. They were always professional, on time and did a great job of cleaning. Regardless of how large or small our request was, they were always very accommodating. I highly recommend them.

Bart E.

My wife and I are pleased with the way Jeff's crew does our house. They are pleasant, efficient and thorough. We recommend Jeff's service.

Kenneth J.

Jeff has a fantastic outlook on his business! The way he approaches ensuring a home or business owner receives the best possible experience is a compliment to his dedication to providing the best service to anyone who he works with.

Cory H.